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Photo 1.  That special fishing hole in Montana
Photo 2.  February 3, 1968 outside Phan Thiet - Battle at Xuan Phong Hamlet
Photo 3.  A wounded Currahee being medevaced with the 'McGuire Rig'
Photo 4.  A Combat assault (CA) into a hot Landing Zone (LZ)
Photo 5.  Hot chow for the Currahees before returning to the "Eagle's Roost" at Phan Range on January 9, 1968
Photo 6.  LZ BETTY.  The base camp and operation center for Task Force 3-506th at Phan Thiet, South Vietnam


We are the Veterans of 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees)
Our Combat Band of Brothers include Task Force 3-506 & 4th Infantry Division (Cambodia Veterans)
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