Date: 23 August 2003


SUBJECT: Reunion Operation After Action Report for Operation CURRAHEE 7 


1.             Name of Operation:   CURRAHEE 7 

2.             Dates of Operation:   12-16 August 2003 

3.             Location:    Sands Regency Hotel & Casino (Reno, NV). 

4.             Command and Control Headquarters:    The “Stand Alone Battalion”—3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees),                                                                       101st Airborne Division. 

5.             Reporting Individual:    Battalion PIO (1967/68), Jerry Berry. 

6.             Task Force and Supporting Forces (Reno 2003 Reunion)

a.        3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees).

b.       5th Battalion, 27th Artillery Detachment.

c.        192nd Assault Helicopter Co.

d.       Families of Currahees KIA

e.        Other Special Guests

f.         Sands Regency Hotel & Casino Detachment

g.       Local Liquor Store Detachment 

7.                    Intelligence: Classified 

8.                    Concept of Operation

a.        Reno Reunion [3-506th/101st Airborne Division Assoc.] Situation:  Operation “CURRAHEE 7” was a scheduled 2003 operation alongside the 101st Airborne Division Association.  Known as Operation “CURRAHEE 7” for its 7th Annual 3-506th Reunion, the “Stand Alone Battalion” again combat assaulted into the hot LZs in Storey Province, Nevada, near the obscure village of Reno to FIND, FIX, AND PARTY.  The Currahees once again reoccupied Fire Support Base SANDS, where logistics, supply trains, and troopers were garrisoned with minimum impact to all concerned (Battalion, Task Force Units, KIA families, and special guests).  The 101st Airborne Division Association and its Attachments occupied Fire Support Base HILTON.  

b.       Operational Area TAOR: 

Immediately following Operation RENO 2002 (21-25 July 2002), Sgt. Currahee began forming Task Force CURRAHEE 7, contacting all available battalion active members.  Warning orders went out to members informing everyone that the “Stand Alone Battalion” would be redeploying back to AO Hangover in August 2003.  Intelligence indicated that Fire Base SANDS (Sands Regency Hotel and Casino) once again should be the targeted LZ ($29/Night) to set up our Tactical Area of Operational Responsibility (TAOR).   An agreement was made with the friendly element, and word went out that the seventh annual 3-506th Reunion was a go.  Sgt. Currahee began contacting potential event managers and committee members (Trail Watchers) - S3 & S5 action.  

  1. MISSION:  To provide a rendezvous for all Currahees of the “Stand Alone Battalion”, support members of Task Force 3-506th, and the families of our fallen Currahees, and guests.
  1. CONCEPT OF OPERATION:  The “Stand Alone Battalion” aka “Bastard Battalion” Veterans and their families deployed by air and ground (motor march) from 31 States—AZ, CA, CO, NC, SC, TN, TX, IN, IL, AK, KY, OH, OK, OR, FL, MI, MA, MD, MN, MS, NV, NY, NH, NJ, OK, PA, WA, WI, ID, MO, MT, and as far away as England and the Marshall Islands.  Task Force 3-506th utilized the Sands Regency Hotel & Casino in downtown Reno, NV as a staging area for entry into the area of operations. 
    1. By D-Day + 6 months, the reunion SOP (Banquet, Reception, Hospitality, PX, Awards & Recognition, and Special Activities) were identified and requests went out for recommendations/suggestions and volunteers (S1 & S2 Action).
    1. By D-Day + 4 months, the various committees were coming together nicely.  Our banquet committee volunteers were Donna “Mama” Bradford (KY) and Lori “Mad Dog” Salas (TX)  (S4 Activity), who made sure that our mess facilities and C-rations were accounted for.  Our fine reception committee was Henry “Pac-Man” Mutchler, Jr (PA) and Carolyn “Seattle Ya Ya” Mitchell (WA) (S1 Action).  In charge of our hospitality room was none other than Kaye “Rancher Mom” Gomes (OR) (S4 & S5 Action).  Operating the Currahee PX was Donna “Down Home Cooking Mom” Berry (MT) (S4 Activities). The Awards & Recognition Committee included Jerry “Sgt. Currahee” Berry (MT), Gary “Bird House” Purcell, Doc Andrew “Shotgun” Lovy and other Currahees.
    1. By D-Day + 1 month, things were shaping up.  Tactical Operational Center (TOC – Hospitality Room) was setup in the Palm Court Room, 2nd floor of the Sands.  The S4 (3-506 PX) was setup in the Atrium Room adjoining TOC.   The mess hall (banquet) was located immediately across the hall from TOC in the Regency A, B, and C Ball Rooms (three large connecting rooms).  
    1. On D-3 (Saturday) August 9, 2003, a two man elite special ops team lead by Dean “Thumper” Morrison (MA) and Richard “Pit Man” Pittman  (TX) haloed into the rendezvous site to recon the watering hole in advance of the Task Force.
    1. On D-2 (Sunday) 10 August 2003, a clandestine semi-advance 7-man LIR (Lost In Reno) Team consisting of Roosevelt “Bartender” Mitchell (WA), Dave “Bull Trout” Sas (AZ), Jim “Bitch” Atwood (KY), Ron “Bronco” Nantz (KY), Bill “Scrapper” Collins (OR), and Steve “Massage Parlor” Oliphant (CA), reinforced the two man halo team, who were found firmly emplaced at the bar in the Sands. 
    1. On D-1 (Monday) 11 August 2003, the advance operations group (with medical and Recon personnel) CA’ed into Fire Base SANDS, lead by WW II Currahee Paratrooper Alvin “Butcher Knife” Viste (WA), Alpha 4-6 Joe “Rocky Top” Alexander, John “Come to Hell” Colone, Roosevelt “Bartender” Mitchell (WA), Bill “Mad Cat” Brightman (NY), Jerry “Lost Eagle” Berry (MT), Mike “El Can” Mullican (MD), Lewis “Medevac” Harper (PA), Brad “Snowshoe” Kandl (IL), Henry “Pac-Man” Mutchler (PA), John “Hell Man” Colone (MI).  Medical and Recon personnel accompanying the group included: Doc Andrew “Shotgun” Lovy (MO), Sylvan “Flashbulb” Zaft, Don “Pill Pusher” Bigelow (MO), Tom “Medcap” Lundgren (MN), Tony “Roof Man” Mayberry (MI), Carl “Hog Boy” Locklear (MS), and Lee “Bootlegger” Bradford (KY).
    1. On D-Day (Tuesday) 12 August 2003, Operation 7 commenced.  The “Stand Alone Battalion aka “Bastard Battalion” launched its 7th Annual RENDEZVOUS WITH D’BEST Reunion.  The main assault into Fire Support Base SANDS was led by SIX Walter “Brown Badger” Price, Alpha 6 Tom Gaffney, Alpha 6 Bob “Wild Man” Bates, Marshall “Lead Catcher” Hill, and Steve “Popcorn” Wilke, George “Bootlace” May, Lee “C-4”Paterson, Doug “Trail Runner” Gandel, Terry “Coffee Man” Plank, Larry “Easy Rider” Johnson, Paul “Postal” Clement, Mark “Cat House” Jones, Paul “Two Timer” Cauley, Jim “Band-Aid” Mezzetta, Joe “Pineapple” Jerviss, Joel “Pointman” Escobar, Steve “Triage” Williams, Jerry “Bushmaster” Gomes, Tom “Monsoon” Buoy, Gale “Smoked Carp” Shire, George “Pipe Man” Bolt, Ed “Sgt. Bad Ass” Bassista, Ron “Tank” Ford, and Rick “Lima Beans & Ham” Nielsen.
    1. Fire Support Base SANDS, the Currahees Forward TOC, consisted of a large hospitality room, adjoining Currahee PX, and adjoining (almost) banquet rooms (3).  This year’s hospitality room contained food and drink around the clock.  Kaye “Rancher Mom” Gomes (OR) kept it stocked with hot and cold beverages, sandwich meats and cheeses, and other misc. snacks.  Gale “Smoked Carp” Shire (AK) provided the smoked Alaskan salmon.  The Currahee bar was stocked with the best available “Thunderbird” wine and “Black Label” beer!  The “Bastard Battalion” will go to no expense to have the best!  Lee “Bootlegger” Bradford, with the help of Henry “Habanera” Salas, and Roosevelt “Bartender” Mitchell made sure that the Currahee bar was well stocked at all times and available to everyone.   The now famous Currahee PX (featuring over 100 items) once again adjoined the hospitality room and was open to all attendees from approx. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily (S4 Action).

The incoming group was met by a well-entrenched element and contact quickly became “whiney” after learning that the Currahee bar was not operational and no one had been nominated to serve as the bartender.  Talk of “fragging” quickly circulated throughout the Fire Base.  Intelligence indicated that this threat once again came from Ron “Tank” Ford (MT), who had sworn off alcohol for the time being.  Shock Force trooper, Lee “Bootlegger” Bradford, along with Henry “Habanera” Salas and Roosevelt “Bartender” Mitchell, formed a three-man team and used Berry’s Montana Humvee (94 Dodge Caravan Slick) to make a mid-day assault on the local liquor store.  Experts in clandestine tactics, the three used tablecloths to cover a full bell cart load of booze and transport it through the casino and up to the hospitality room. 

The afternoon and evening hours were spent in the 3-506th Hospitality Rooms for Social Time, viewing photo albums and memorabilia.  Members also conducted Search and Give operations in the surrounding casinos.  Several significant contacts were made with “one arm bandits”.  Caches found ranged from  $50 - $300. 

    1. On D-2 (Wednesday) 13 August 2003, a fifth lift of Currahees and their support team assaulted into Fire Support Base SANDS to reinforce Operations 7.  The insertions included Mike “Sea Gull” Herrington, Bill “Rucksack” Hustad, Gary “Bird House” Purcell, Mike “Fox Hole” Sullivan, Tom ”Boonie Rat” Miller, Brad “Ghost” Johnson, Henry “Redleg” Parker, Walker “Ghost II” Petersen, Dirk “Ghost III” Petersen, John “Jarhead” Taylor, David “Chute-Up” Rattee, Alpha-1-6 Jim “Fence Jumper” Schlax, Charlie 1-6 Mike “Smoker” Koza, Marvin “Tunnel Rat” Dunn, Alex “Pric-25” Simich, Ron “Ghost IV” Gant, Jose “Bicycle” Ramos, Ken “Grenade Man” Hickman, Dan “Nuoc Mam” Hackman, Delta-3-6 Dave “Black Label” Dalton, Richard “Pop Smoke” Hanway, Alpha 1-6 Dave “Airborne Scrapper” Glenn, and Charlie 2-6 Dave “Hammock” Bentley.

Dr. Andrew “Shotgun” Lovy gave an informative 90-minute slide/lecture on PTSD to members and guests on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 – 10:30 a.m. in the hospitality room.  

The “Stand Alone Battalion continued Operation 7 in its assigned AO.  During the morning hours, groups conducted Search and Play operations throughout Storey Province and beyond its borders, which included Virginia City, Lake Tahoe, and into the little “banana republic” California.  The afternoon and evening hours were again spent socializing in the 3-506th Hospitality room, viewing photo albums and memorabilia.  During the early evening, a special Recognition Tribute & Award session was held in the hospitality room.  Our battalion paid special tribute and presented traditional soaring eagles to battalion medics attending their first Currahee reunion and special plaques to members of the battalion reconnaissance platoon.  Battalion Commander, LTC Walter Price [COL Ret] presented each their award.   

Wednesday Night Recognition Tributes & Gig Awards                                

·         Jose Ramos: Medic (for medical service to Co. A/Battalion – 1967/68). 

·         Terrence “Terry” J. Plank: Medic (for medical service to Co. A/Battalion – 1967/68).

·         Tom Lungren: Medic (for medical service to HHC/Battalion – 1967/68). 

·         George Bolt: Medic (for medical service to Co. C/Battalion – 1968/69). 

·         Paul Cauley: Medic (for medical service to Co. C/Battalion – 1970/71).  It should be noted that Paul earned both the CIB (Combat Infantry Badge) and CMB (Combat Medic Badge) in Vietnam. 

·         Mark Jones: Medic (for medical service to Co. A/Battalion – 1967/68). 

·         Steve Williams: Medic (for medical service to Co. D/Battalion – 1969/70).

·         Lee Bradford – Currahee Shock Force/LRRP 1967/68 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Henry F. Salas – Currahee Shock Force/LRRP 1967/68 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Germano “Jerry” Gomes – Currahee Shock Force/LRRP 1967-69 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Tony Mayberry – Currahee Shock Force/LRRP 1967/68 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Daniel T. Gaworecki  – Currahee Shock Force/LRRP 1967/68 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Carl Locklear – Currahee Shock Force/LRRP 1967/68 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Curtis “Tex” Hardin – LRRP 1968/69 – Currahee Plaque.

·         Alvin and Willamary Viste: “Special Guest” – The traditional pair-of-dice pin was presented to WW II PIR paratrooper, Alvin Viste by Cpt. Tom Gaffney (Co. A/S3 67/68) [MAJ Ret.].  A special U.S. Flag/3-506th pin was presented to his wife, Willamary.

·         Medic Terrence “Terry” J. Plank was presented with a gig award - “The Folgers Soldier Citation” and Medal for Currahee Coffee Competency by Battalion Surgeon Cpt. Andrew Lovy.

·         Battalion Surgeon Doc Andrew Lovy was the recipient of this year’s “Flint” Currahee Bird House.  Gary “Flint” Purcell presented Doc Lovy with the prize. 

Two Currahee “Two-Timers” (Earned both CIB & CMB) AWOL from their battalions sought political asylum with the “Stand Alone Battalion”—Medics Steve “Bull Trout” Barnhart (2/506) and Dave “Salamander” Sas (1/506).  Bn. Cmdr. Price called the two front and center and informed them that after they received their complete physical from Doc Lovy, orders would be cut reassigning them to the “Bastard Battalion”. 

Following the tribute & award session, some members conducted routine Search and Give operations in the surrounding casinos.  Several significant contacts were made with “one arm bandits”.  Caches found included a number of small stashes ranging from  $25 - $500.  Most Currahees and special guests remained in the hospitality room or NDP (Night Defensive Position) where they performed social debriefing, reviewed declassified material (photo albums, newspaper articles, captured enemy paraphernalia, as well as used Currahee combat gear, clothing and other misc. articles.  Oh, yes, the Currahee bar was well utilized!  

    1. On D+3 (Thursday) 14 August 2003 was the Battalion Stand Down and Refitting day.  Another group of reinforcement assaulted into Fire Support Base SANDS.  This special ops group included Les “Chainsaw” Outman, Rachael “Broken Eagle” Clinkscale, Ron “Burlap” May, John “Lima Beans” Carter, Jim “The Rock” Bourie, Curt “Surfer Dude” Hardin, John “Claymore” Pond, Scott “Ambush” Johnson, Steve “Willie Peter” Katzer, Bob “Junkyard Dog” Staerkel, and the Bratcher. Squad—Danielle “Pampers” Bratcher, Kristopher “Big Dad” Bratcher, and Little Jordan “Sweetie Pie” Bratcher  

Three significant events took place during Stand Down—the group photo session, the banquet dinner (See Banquet Night Program below) and the special tribute and recognition ceremony.  Earlier in the day, the Currahees spent time with the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Abn. Div. Assoc. over at the Hilton.  Other Currahees and guests spent the day sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the casinos.  Beginning at 1700 hours, the Currahees gathered on the stairway outside the hospitality room for group pictures.  Immediately following the group photo session, everyone gathered in the Regency Ball Rooms for a fine sit down dinner and a full night of speeches, stories, and special tributes.   


Our Gift To You





Post the Currahee Flag Honor Guard (CFHG)





Present Flags to KIA Families

Currahee Flag Honor Guard





CPT Gerald Wrazen

[LTC] Walter E Price




SGT Rodolfo Rocha

[PFC] Jerry Berry


  (1). Group Photo – Professional photographers, Tim & Debbie Pinnell of “Remember When Photography” in Reno, once again came to the gathering just prior to the banquet dinner and took separate group photos of the MEN and WOMEN.  The 8x10 color prints will be mailed out to those who paid ($12 for each).  If you missed getting yours, contact Jerry Berry or the photographer at: 

(2).  Banquet Dinner & Opening Ceremony – One hundred and fifty-four enjoyed a hearty sit down dinner of broiled rib eye steak topped with maitre’d butter and mushrooms, oven-roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables, rolls and butter, choice of coffee, tea or milk, followed by strawberry cream cake for dessert. The evening banquet program activities commenced with a invocation by Battalion Surgeon Cpt. Andrew Lovy, followed by a toast to our past and present leaders—LTC Geraci (3-506th), COL Sink (506 PIR), MG Petraeus (101st Abn. Div.), and President George W. Bush.  

Following the banquet dinner, the colors were posted and the pledge of allegiance was given.  Carla May, wife of George May (Co. B 1967/68) sang the national Anthem.  Lt. Joe Alexander (Co. A 1967/68) conducted the unit roll call.  The unit awarded the Geraci Trophy for most members in attendance was Co. A.   Battalion Commander LTC Water Price (June – December 1968) gave the opening remarks.  Donna Berry, wife of Jerry Berry (Co. A/HHC & Bn. PIO 1967/68), introduced special guests.  Among the special guests speaking to the group were: Cpt. Rick Lencioni, President, 101st Abn. Div. Assoc., Sgt. Resty Habon, Jr, 101st Abn. Div.  Assoc.  Reunion Chairman, and Sgt. William “Bill” True, 506th WWII PIR and author of the book—“The Cow Spoke French”.  Next came the traditional recognition of first time Currahee attendees by Cpt. Thomas Gaffney (Co. A/S3 1967/68), who presented each new attendee the 506th Pair-of-Dice pin.  

Another regular part of each “Stand Alone Battalion” banquet night program is its Memorial Service.  Jane Fulkerson, Plentywood, MT was invited to come and speak to the group about her efforts in helping to find the gravesites and family members of our Currahees killed in action in Vietnam. Jane’s tireless efforts are in direct support of Jerry Berry’s quest to find all the gravesites and family members of Currahees KIAs for his book that he is currently writing—My Gift To You—About the background and story of each of our KIAs.  Next, Anne and John Colone reported on the Currahee gravesite flowers project and talked about the responses they and other Currahees have received from the families of the KIA as a result of placing flowers on gravesites.  In appreciation of their efforts, Bn. Cmdr. Price presented special recognition awards to each.  Immediately following the 3-506th Grave Sites presentation came the recognition of the parents of Richard Allen Burns (KIA 2/29/1969), Gerald and Patricia Burns.  Cpt. Jerry Durre, Richard’s company commander at the time of his death, presented the traditional soaring eagle statue to the Burns.  The inscription on the base of the statue read [in part]: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.” – John 15:13 - From the men of the Battalion. Taps were then played and the folded American flag was presented to the Burns. 

Following the Memorial Service and a break, the banquet program guest speaker, Sgt. William “Bill” True, 506th WWII PIR and author of the book—“The Cow Spoke French” took the podium.  It was an outstanding presentation.  In an earlier part of the night program, Bill entertained the group with a short story of his combat jump into Holland.  He was wounding during the combat jump and landed next to his company medic.  This good fortune not only provided immediate first-aid, but also contributed later to his ticket home as a result of using the point system used at that time. 

Immediately following the guest speaker’s presentation, Bn. Officers attending their first 3-506th Reunion were recognized and each was presented the battalion’s traditional soaring eagle statue by   Bn. Cmdr. Price (see names listed below).  Following the special recognitions, Bn. Cmdr. Price gave the closing comments and the colors were retired, bringing to a close the 2003 banquet program.  

(3).  Special Tribute and Recognition Ceremony – The members of the 3-506th Battalion take great pride in presenting special tributes to fellow Currahees, families of KIAs, and special guests.  The following recognitions were made at this year’s reunion: 

·         Jane Fulkerson (Currahee Hunter) – Special plaque for her support in finding the gravesites and family members of Currahees KIA – Presented by Battalion Commander Walter Price [LTC USA Ret.]

·         John and Anne Colone - Special statue for their work with gravesite flowers – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price.

·         Gerald and Patricia Burns (Parents of Richard Allen Burns – KIA 2/28/69) – Soaring Eagle Statue – Presented by Richard’s Company B Cmdr., Cpt. Jerry Durre.

·         Jerry Durre, Company B Commander 1968/69 – Screaming Eagle Statue – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price. 

·         David L. Bentley, Platoon Leader (Co. C 1968/69) [1Lt.] – Screaming Eagle Statue – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price

·         David M. Glenn, Platoon Leader (Co. A/LRRPs 1968/69) [1Lt.] – Screaming Eagle Statue – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price

·         David W. Dalton, Platoon Leader (Co. D1968/69) [1Lt.] – Screaming Eagle Statue – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price

·         Robert Moore, Platoon Leader (Co. A 1969) [1Lt.] – Screaming Eagle Statue – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price

·         Michael Koza, Platoon Leader (Co. C 1969/70) [1Lt.] – Screaming Eagle Statue – Presented by Bn. Cmdr. Price 

Following the banquet dinner and award ceremony, the group moved to the hospitality room for social debriefing.  

    1. On D-4 (Friday) 15 August 2003, another group of reinforcements assaulted into Fire Support Base SANDS.  This special ops group included Charlie-Six Robert “M72” Clemens, Tim “Butcher Knife” Beets, and Art “Sand Bag” Duran.  The “Stand Alone Battalion” continued Operation 7 in its assigned AO.  During the morning hours, groups conducted Search and Play operations throughout Storey Province and beyond its borders into the little “banana republic” of California, Virginia City, and Lake Tahoe.  
    1. Earlier in the day, a number of Currahees again spent time with the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Abn. Div. Assoc. at the Hilton.  Other Currahees and guests spent the day sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the casinos.  During the afternoon and evening hours, those Currahees and guests not attending the 101st Association Awards Dinner at the Hilton Hotel returned to the hospitality room for social time and viewing photo albums, and other memorabilia displays.  Two recognition tributes and one gig award were presented to fellow Currahees—Cpt. Clemens and Lt. Bentley.  

Friday Night Recognition Tributes  

·         Robert Clemens [LTC USA Retired]: Platoon Leader & Company Commander – Presented traditional large bald eagle statue by Company A Cmdr./S2 Robert Bates [MAJ-Ret].   

·         Dave Bentley: Platoon Leader, Charlie Company – Presented the “Excellence in VC Hammock Engineering” Gig Award by Company A Cmdr./S2 Robert Bates [MAJ USA Ret].    

Later in the evening, most CASG (Currahees and Special Guests) returned to the hospitality room for more social debriefing, reviewing declassified material and viewing displays of captured enemy and Currahee paraphernalia.  The Currahee bar continued to be well utilized!  Search and Give operations were conducted in the surrounding casinos.  More contacts were made with “one arm bandits” and “boob-traps”.  Caches found included a number of small stashes ranging from  $25 - $300.  

    1. D+5 (Saturday) 16 August 2003 (2400 Hours) marked the final day of Operation 7.  For many, the early part of the day was spent sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the casinos.  Beginning at 1800 hours, the Currahees gathered back in the hospitality room for a last night of comradeship and goodbyes.  Cpt. Gaffney gathered the group for the traditional finale—singing of “Blood on the Risers”.  The gathering served primarily as a “wind-down” session.  
    1. D+6 (Sunday) 17 August 2003 marked the departure day for many who attended the 7th Annual 3-506th Reunion.  A number of Currahees, wives, and special guests met to say their goodbyes and promised to stay in touch.  All look forward to attending Reunion 2004 to be held somewhere back east – Fort Campbell, KY, Hampton, VA, alongside the 101st Airborne Division; or possibly elsewhere.  A poll would be posted on the Currahee Website to assist in the determination of the destination of Operation _(To Be Named)__ (Submit your choice of a name for the 2004 Rendezvous).    
  1.  RESULTS:  
    1.  Casualties:  

The Task Force suffered 17 casualties (Cancellations)—the Lt. Wylie “Bucky” Cox team (PA), the Gerald Wrazen family team, the Roger Leonnig team, the Odis Roach team, the Lt. Curt Washington team, the James Wheeler team, the Manuel Quezada team, along with Marcel “Frenchy” Coulon and Bill Reed.   

    1. Reunion Attendees:

Officers & Wives 

1.        Walter and Jane Price – Bn. Cmdr. “Brown Badger” 1968 – OK [LTC, USA, Retired]
2.        Tom & Carolyn Gaffney - Co. A (CO), S-2, S-3, 1967/68 – SC [MAJ, USA, Retired]
3.        Dave Bentley – Plt. Ldr., 2/Co. C, 1968/69 – FL
4.        Andrew Lovy – HHC (Battalion Surgeon) 1967/68 – IL
5.        Robert Clemens – Plt. Ldr. & Co. Cmdr., B/C/D, 1970/71 – IN [LTC, USA Retired]
6.        Robert Bates – S2, S5, Co. A (CO), 68/69 – Chugiak, AK [LTC, USA, Retired]
7.        Mike & Nancy Koza - Plt. Ldr. Co. C/HHC (1969/70) – NH
8.        Robert Moore – Plt. Ldr. 1/Co. A (1968/60) – GA 
9.        Jim  & Barbara Schlax - 1st Plt., Co. A (Plt. Ldr.) 67/68–IL
10.     Joe Alexander - 4th Plt., Co. A & E (Plt. Ldr.), S-3 67/68 – TN [COL, USA, Retired]
11.     Jerry Durre - Co. B Cmdr.  (1968/69) - OH 
12.     Henry & Susan Parker (Lt. Arty FO 1968/69) – ID
13.     David Glenn - (Plt. Ldr., 1/A & LRRPs 1968/69 – MO
14.     David Dalton - (Plt. Ldr., 3/D 1967/68) – CA

Total Officers (14), Wives (5) = 19

Enlisted Men, Wives, Children  

1.        Joe Jerviss – PSG (1st Plt.) Co. B 67/68 – CA [1SGT, USA, Retired]
2.        Marshall Hill – Co. B, 1967/68 – NC
3.        Gale Shire – Co. A, 1967/68 – AK
4.        John & Ann Colone - Co. A, 67/68 – MI
5.        Ed Bassista - Co. A, 67/68 – NJ
6.        Roosevelt & Carolyn Mitchell (Medic) – Co. B/HHC 69/70 – WA
7.        Bill & Barbara Brightman - Co. B, 67/68 – NY
8.        Richard & Katie Pittman - Co. C, HHC 67/68 – TX
9.        Rick & Glenna Nielsen – Co. C, 1967/68 – CA
10.     Lee & Donna Bradford - CSF/LRRP, 1967/68 – KY
11.     Henry & Lori Salas - CSF/LRRP, 1967/68 –TX
12.     Sterling & Donna Chapman - Co. B 67/68 – KY
13.     Jose Ramos (Medic) - Co. A/HHC (Medic) 67/68 – CA
14.     Jerry & Donna Berry - Co. A, HHC, D, 67/68 – MT
15.     Steve Oliphant (Medic) & two granddaughters - Co. B, 1968 – TX
16.     Dean Morrison - Co. C - 67/68 – MA
17.     Ray & Dianne Mayfield - Co. A 67/68 – TX
18.     Bill & Ruth Collins – HHC 1967/68 – OR
19.     Jim & Barb Atwood – CSF/LRRP 1967/68 – KY
20.     Ron Ford (Co. A 1967/68)– MT
21.     Jim & Rita Mezzetta (Medic) (Co. A  - 1968/69) – CA
22.     Douglas Gandel (Co. C - 1967/68) – CA
23.     Jerry & Kaye Gomes (CSF/LRRPs Co. E - 1967/68) – OR
24.     Don Bigelow (Medic) & Wife (HHC/Co. C - 1967/68) – MO
25.     John "Sonny" Sontag (CSF/LRRP - 1968/69) – NV
26.     Tom Buoy – Co. A 1967/68) - OR
27.     Steve Wilke (Co. A - 1968/69) – CA
28.     Douglas Mullens (Co. C 1969/70) – NV
29.     Alexander Simich (HHC/Co. B 1968/69) – CA
30.     Jim & Gini Martin (Co. C 1969/70) – CA
31.     George & Carla May (Co. B 1967/68) – OR
32.     Dan Hackman [Co. D 1968/69] – IL
33.     Larry Johnson (Co. A 1967/68) – OR
34.     Scott Johnson (Co. A 1967/68) – CA
35.     Mike & Charlotte Mullican- 4/Co. A Sqd. Ldr. (1967/68) – MD
36.     Lewis & Jan Oswald - 4/Co. A (1967/68) – PA
37.     Brad Kandel & Wife - Co. C/E (1968/69) - IL
38.     Gary & Doreen Purcell - 4/Co. A/E (1967/68) – MI
39.     Paul & Patti Clement - 4/Co. A (1967/68) – MI
40.     Paul & Valerie Cauley - Co. C (1970/71) - IN
41.     Carl & Kim Locklear - CSF/LRRP (1967/68) – MS
42.     Ron & Norma Nantz - Co. A 1967/68 – IN
43.     Michael Herrington - Co. C 1967/68 - Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
44.     Terry & Phyllis Plank - HHC/Co. A - 1967/68 – CA
45.     Tom Lungren (Medic) - HHC/C/LRRP - 1967/68 –MN
46.     Bill & Jackie Hustad - Co. D 1969 - WI  
47.     Curtis, Jenny & and Savannah Hardin - LRRP 1969/70 – CA
48.     Steve & Betty Williams – Co. D 69/70 -
49.     Tom Miller - Co A 1968/69 - SC
50.     George Bolt (Medic) – C/HHC 1968/69 - TX
51.     John & Dee Dee Pond – 1/501
52.     Lee Paterson - Co B 1969/70 – SC
53.     Mike Sullivan - Co. C/E 196/69 - IL
54.     Mark Jones (Medic) - Co. A 1967/68) – FL  
55.     Les & Janice Outman - Co. B 1968 - CA
56.     Gary Mueller - Co. C/E 1968/69]  - MO
57.     Henry Mutchler, Jr - Co. B/HHC 1968-70 – PA
58.     Steve & Linda Katzer - Co. D 1968/69 – CA
59.     Tim Beets - HHC 1967/68 –CA
60.     Melvin Littlejohn - Co. A 1968/69 –WA
61.     Tony & Diane Mayberry - Co. B/LRRPs 1967/68 – MI
62.     Jessie & Charlotte Tracy - Co. B/HHC 1968/69 – WA
63.     Richard & Delores Hanway - Co. B/HHC 1968/69 – TX 
64.     Marvin Dunn – Co. C 1969/70) – CA

Total Enlisted Men (64), Wives/Significant Other (34)  & Children (2) = 100                                                                                                                                

Special Guests 

1.        Alvin Viste – WWII 506th PIR Paratrooper – WA
2.        Willamary Viste – Alvin’s wife - WA
3.        Marleanna (Steve Oliphant’s granddaughter) – CA
4.        Monnicka (Steve Oliphant’s granddaughter) – CA
5.        Leonard Williams – (Aviation Unit)
6.        Joel Escobar – 1-506th - CA
7.        Rick Lencioni – President of 101st Airborne Division Association – FL
8.        Resty Habon – 1-506th - CA
9.        Judy Habon – Resty’s wife - CA
10.     David Rattee (Cousin of Carl Rattee, KIA 2/19/68) - Cheshire, England
11.     Jane Fulkerson "Currahee Hunter" - Plentywood, MT
12.     Gloria Austin – Ron May’s friend
13.     Gerald “Bud” and Patricia “Pat” (Parents of Richard Allen Burns KIA 2/29/69) - Searchlight, NV
14.     William “Bill” True ('Five-O Sink' paratrooper - WW II)  & Author "The Cow Spoke French" - MI
15.     Janey True – Bill True’s wife
16.     Deryck True – Bill True’s son
17.     Steve Barnhart (Medic) - Co. A/HHC/E - 2-506th, 1968/69 – Roseburg, OR
18.     Dave Sas (Medic) - LRRP 1-506th 1967/68 - Glendale, AZ
19.     Shannon Palmer – Dave Sas’ friend – Glendale, AZ
20.     Rachel Clinkscale - Widow of PSG James Bunn, KIA 2/2/68) – AL
21.     Desiree Bunn-Spies - Daughter of PSG James Bunn, KIA 2/2/68) – AL
22.     Nadia Wilder - Granddaughter of PSG James Bunn, KIA 2/2/68) – AL
23.     Sylvan Zaft - Doc Lovy's writer-friend - IL
24.     Danielle (Pittman) Bratcher – Richard Pittman’s daughter – TX
25.     Kristopher Bratcher – Richard Pittman’s son-in-law – TX
26.     Jordan Krisdan Bratcher – Richard Pittman’s grand daughter – TX
27.     Art Duran - Jose Ramos' friend (Desert Storm trooper) – CA
28.     Adrian Vasquez - Jose Ramos' nephew - CA
29.     Jeff Stace - Melvin Littlejohn's guest - WA
30.     Derold Stace - Melvin Littlejohn's guest – WA
31.     Carol Stace - Melvin Littlejohn's guest – WA
32.     Ida Gains – Jim Martin’s mother-in-law – CA
33.     John Taylor – Naval Gunfire Support, TF 3-506 – CA
34.     Nino Gomes – Kaye & Jerry Gomes’ son – OR
35.     Joe Eubanks – Nino’s friend - OR
36.     Rhoda Byrant – Atwood’s guest – KY
37.     Mike Cudill – Atwood’s guest – KY
38.     Carolyn Byrant – Atwood’s guest – KY
39.     Katy Chapman – Donna and Sterling’s daughter - KY
40.     John Carter –
41.     Charles Gant
42.     James Bourie – 1/501
43.     Kenneth Hickman – 192nd Assault Helicopter Co., TF 3-506th
44.     Brad Kandl
45.     Bert Johnson
46.     Lisa Snow
47.     Carol Honey – WW II 506th PIR Widow
48.     Dirk Petersen
49.     Walker Petersen
50.     Robert Adams – Tom Miller’s friend
51.     Ron May

Total Special Guests = 51

Total Attendees – 170