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101st Legacy

A brief history of the fame 'Screaming Eagles' of the 101st Airborne Division.

506th Legacy

The proud history of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of WW II and the next generation of Currahees--Vietnam.

Airborne History

The most specialized of the nonstandard infantry units.  Foot soldiers who are trained and equipped to reach the combat zone by air and to assault from the air by parachute.


Paratroopers--The world's finest soldier...  Paratroopers are not born--they are made.  When things got tough,..." he was the most soul-satisfying comrade that a man could want on the battlefield." -- Maxwell D. Taylor, Gen. U.S. Army

Infusion Troopers (non-airborne)

Infusion was a program for transfer of personnel within or between commands to reduce rotational hump.  However, with the increased demand for more troops for the war in Vietnam, specialized combat units such as airborne units had to rely upon infusion of non-airborne personnel to maintain  operational combat strength.

Battalion Commanders

The battalion commander alone is responsible for all that his unit does or fails to do.  The final decision, as well as the final responsibility, remains with the commander.  Eight commanders guided the 'Currahees' through the battalion's 50-months of combat in Vietnam (1 April 1967 - 15 May 1971).

Message From Jerry Berry

The Battalion's first Public Information Officer (Combat Photographer & Reporter) Company A & HHC 1967-1968.