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     1. Other US Military Unit Publications (Newspapers & Articles) CD     


  • 1-12th The Ivy Leaf_Classroom Dismissed .doc
  • 1-12th The Ivy Leaf_Kit Carson.doc
  • 1-12th The Ivy Leaf_Parrot Keeps RTO 'Chirpy'.doc
  • 1-14th Ivy Leaf_Leaves Enemy Leaner and Hungrier.jpg
  • 1-14th Some Ivymen Get The Jitters .doc
  • 1-14th Surprised NVA article.jpg
  • 1-14th The Ivy Leaf_Leaves Enemy Leaner And Hungrier.doc
  • 1-14th The Ivy Leaf_Some Lvymen Got The Jitters.doc
  • 1-22nd - A Patrol Hides From 'Dinks' In Hostile Jungle.doc
  • 1-22nd Stars & Stripes Article.jpg
  • 1-22th Ivy Leaf18_Pic.1.22inf.jpg
  • 1st Bde Ivy Leaf7_Dawn...jpg
  • 1st.Bde_Ivy.Leaf_Dawn.2.jpg
  • 2-35th & ARVN Ivy Leaf11_.jpg
  • 2-35th Ivy Leaf8_Sniper.jpg
  • 2-35th The Ivy Leaf_Welcome Sortie By Sniper Fire.doc
  • 2-35th.CambodiaPhotos.doc
  • 2nd Bde - Fierce Gunfire Shuffle Fells NVA Woodsmen.doc
  • 2nd Bde - For SSG Tilley, LRRP Member.doc
  • 2nd Bde. Ivy Leaf6_Extensive.b.jpg
  • 2nd Bde. Ivy Leaf6a.jpg
  • 2nd Bde. Ivy Leaf10_Extensive.jpg
  • 2nd Bde. The Ivy Leaf_Raid Yield Extensive.doc
  • 2nd Brigade LRRP Members Awarded Medals.doc
  • 3-8th & 506th The Typhoon Article.doc
  • 3-8th & 506th Tphoon July Aug 70.pdf
  • 3-8th African.Amer.low.res..jpg
  • 3-8th Black GIs_Lynn article.jpg
  • 3-8th Cambodia.jpg
  • 3-8th Cambodia_Captain_Phillips_KIA_Page_1.B.W..jpg
  • 3-8th Cambodia_Captain_Phillips_KIA_Page_1.sized.jpg
  • 3-8th Cambodia_Captain_Phillips_KIA_Page_2.sized.jpg
  • FSB_FOX_3-8th.jpg
  • Land Zone FOX.jpg
  • 3-8th Cambodia_low.res..jpg
  • 3-8th Church.Services.jpg
  • 3-8th Comb Massive NVA Camp.doc
  • 3-8th Epitaph for a Soldier-LZ Phillips_Page_2.sized.jpg
  • 3-8th Ivy Leaf14_ChieuHoi.jpg
  • 3-8th Memorial.jpg
  • 3-8th SF_Troops in Cambodia-enemy.jpg
  • 3-8th Stars and Stripes_ Epitaph for a Soldier.doc
  • Phillips_KIA_Page_1.jpg
  • 3-8th Stars&Stripes.pdf
  • 3-8th The Ivy Leaf_One NVA Killed Three Chieu Hoi.doc
  • 3-506 hits Reds in Cambodia.doc
  • 3-506th GI Find NVA Everywhere, Kill 47 As .jpg
  • 3-506th Ivy Leaf9_mortars.jpg
  • 3-506th Ivy Leaf17_B.Company3.506.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_Cambodia.Cache.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_Cambodia.Pic.1.2.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_Cambodia.Pic.3.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_Cambodia.Pic.4.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_Cambodia.Pic.5.6.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_Cambodia.Pic.7.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_FSB.Currahee.A.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_FSB.Currahee.B.jpg
  • 3-506th S.Eagle_FSB.Currahee.C.jpg
  • 3-506th The Ivy Leaf_One Less Meal, But Giant Cache.doc3-506th_Find_NVA_Everywhere.jpg
  • 4th ID - Air Support.doc
  • 4th ID - Airstrikes Get Patrol Out of Tough Spot.doc
  • 4th ID ArmyRept.sanctuaries.jpg
  • 4th ID ArmyRept.US.units.A.jpg
  • 4th ID ArmyRept.US.units.B.jpg
  • 4th ID Ivy Leaf12_Thrust.a.jpg
  • 4th ID Ivy Leaf12_Thrust.b.jpg
  • 4th ID Ivy Leaf12_Thrust.c.jpg
  • 4th ID The Ivy Leaf_Ivy Thrust Successful.doc
  • 9_May_1970.jpg
  • 75th.Rangers.jpg
  • 238p1.jpg
  • art1 (2).jpg
  • Article.1.jpg
  • Now It's Bicycle Charlie.jpg
  • C.7.17th Cav Base Camp Smashed_.doc
  • C.7.17th Cav Ivy Leaf16_BaseCamp.jpg
  • C.7.17th Cav The Ivy Leaf_Cobras, Air Force Roll In, Kill 11.doc
  • C.7.17th Cav.jpg
  • Decorated By Ho Chi Minh.doc
  • FB_ABBY.jpg
  • From Hawk Magazine, May 1969.htm
  • Hawk Magazine_B.3506, May 1969.htm
  • Hawkeyes In Vietnam Live Close To Death.doc
  • Ivy Leaf5_3.506th.jpg.bmp
  • Ivy Leaf5b.bw_3-506.jpg
  • Ivy Leaf14_training.aids.jpg
  • Ivy LRRPs Bag 2 VC.doc
  • June 7, 1970 Issue Ivy Leaf Issue.pdf
  • Local Vietn Commander Praises Ability and Stamiina of GIs.doc
  • LRRP Kills 7 Before Being Lifted Out; First Battle For 2.doc
  • LRRP Member Gets Award For Valor.doc
  • LRRP Members Return From Mission.doc
  • LRRP Observes Enemy Mortar Crew In Action.doc
  • New Team Leader Works Like Veteran.doc
  • Newspaper Articles.doc
  • Peekskill (NY) Evening Star, March 8, 1967 - Local Viet Commander Praises Ability and Stamina of GIs
  • Pleidjerang, Central Highlands , Vietnam - Letter to the Editor/Mike Lapolla Memphis (TN) Commercial Appeal, June 12, 1967 - A Patrol Hides From 'Dinks' In Hostile Jungle.
  • IVY Leaf, June 18, 1967, 2nd Brigade - LRRP Observes Enemy Mortar Crew In Action - By Capt. Ed Ciliberti VUNG DAT AM
  • Airstrikes Get Patrol Out of Tough Spot - PLEIKU, (4th INF-10)
  • Hawkeyes In Vietnam Live Close To Death - By THOMAS CORPORA United Press International - THE OASIS, Vietnam (UPI)
  • IVY LEAF July 7, 1968 - New Threat To Highland Communists ARVN Soldiers Undergo LRP Training CAMP ENARI
  • IVY LEAF June 1968 - Ivy LRRPs Bag 2 VC - CAMP ENARI
  • IVY LEAF March 1968 - Fierce Gunfire Shuffle Fells NVA Woodsmen - VUNG DAT AM
  • IVY LEAF May 1968 - Red Squad Talks Way Into A Jam - THE OAS
  • IVY LEAF October 1, 1967 - Decorated By Ho Chi Minh Patrol Captures NVA Officer -By SP4 Robert Boudreau VUNG DAT AM
  • LRRP Kills 7 Before Being Lifted Out; First Battle For 2 - PLEIKU, (4th INF-10)
  • Thanks to Montagnards LRRP Member Spots NVA Soldiers - By Sp5 George Beidler Oasis
  • LRRP Members Return From Mission , Immediately Receive Bronze Stars - By Sp5 George Beidler Plei Djereng
  • Sgt. Littlejohn Gets Silver Star Medal
  • IVY LEAF September 3, 1967 - For SSG Tilley, LRRP Member Once In A Lifetime Stories Replaced Again and Again By 1LT William C. Foster VUNG DAT AM
  • LRRP Member Gets Award For Valor
  • New Team Leader Works Like Veteran
  • Recon Patrol Finds Busy Supply Route
    PLEI DJERENG, (4th INF-10)
  • 2nd Brigade LRRP Members Awarded Medals
    Plei Djerang
  • Ranger_ARVN.jpg
  • Recon Patrol Finds Busy Supply Route.doc
  • Red Squad Talks Way Into A Jam.doc
  • Rendezous with Destiny Summer 70.pdf
  • S&S_Troops in Cambodia-enemy get tough.doc
  • Sgt. Littlejohn Gets Silver Star Medal.doc
  • Some_Ivymen_Got_Jitters.jpg
  • T.Foster_NVA.Letter.1.jpg
  • T.Foster_NVA.Letter.1a.jpg
  • T.Foster_NVA.Letter.2a.jpg
  • TF 3-506th Cambodia Mag. Article.doc
  • Thanks to Montagnards.doc

Note:  Listed above include many of the articles (text, issues and photos) on the CD. There is much to digest.  Some article will show just how little reporter knew what was going on during Binh Tay I.  Items ending in ".doc" is often times a Word format text document.  Items ending in ".jpg" is often times a photo of the original article, not just a photo.  However, there are photos included.  Pdf items are often times multi-pages of entire newspaper issues, etc.  This collection of articles, items, photos are taken directly from my research files, so the titles may be lacking in some instances and one must view for themselves to get the full value of the subject.  An example is "art1 (2).jpg", which is a newspaper article for SP4 Donald Smith (2/B/3-506th) receiving the Posthumous Honor (Cambodia).

  2. Official  Unpublished Government Documents  CD
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